Company’s assets and competitive position

In Dubai, the Jumeirah group’s present portfolio contains many multi-hotel complexes such as for example Jumeirah Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, Mandinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Club Vacation resort & Spa, Jumeirah Emirates Towers and the Jumeirah Beach front Hotel. At the same time, additionally it is negotiating to use new resorts and hotel contracts in big places just like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Milan and Beijing. The business is operating in order to achieve its perspective that "to become a world class international hospitality and hotel company and also committed to being the leader of the industry in every operating activities through the procedure of dedication to their colleagues and buyers (About Jumeirah Group).

The Jumeirah group also has been a member of Dubai Holding since the duration of year 2004 beneath the leadership of CEO Gerald Lawless. The company’s achievement can be estimated by the data that in the year of 2006, the revenues were recorded more than $1 billion (About Jumeirah Group).

The project would support us to evaluation a company’s resources and its competitive position on the planet. This will aim to get deep knowledge of its current strategy also to create a strategy which would be far better as per the existing scenario. This might be helpful to gain insights about the flaws and their alternatives of the business as per the current scenario and current technique. The study would analysis strength, weakness, chances and threats and finally the proposed alternative could be adopted to enhance the existing situation of the company.

Company Background:

The Jumeirah group was founded in Dubai in the year of 1997, owned by ruling Al Maktoum family with the Gerald Lawless, with an goal of becoming a global hospitality innovator. After a decade of development the company has been recognized with the group’s portfolio that is regarded as among the most innovative and deluxe globally (Corporate Responsibility Survey 2008). The brand of the Jumeirah group can be summarized as

A global brand having name synonyms of Luxury.

A company having professional staff of professionals and professionals having large experience in entire areas of hotel management that handles the capabilities from development period to the daily procedures.

A strong distribution program with the aid of more than ten sales office buildings in major places of the world.

A strong focus on an adapting method of the dog owner (Corporate Responsibility Report 2008).

The Jumeirah branched from the strength of Dubai’s ruling Maktoum relatives so as to develop the UAE member into one of the regions aswell as in the world’s top tourism destinations. In the first period of the entire year 1990s, Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum commissioned a new project for the hotel which was likely to build on territory that reclaimed from the sea in the Dubai slot, called the Burj Al Arab (Corporate Responsibility Statement 2008). However the first three time of the task were held in the terrain reclamation phase that cause the released of the building by the year 1997. Simultaneously, Al Maktoum became a member of with the Gerald Lawless who was an Irish native experienced more than twenty year of function experience in the resort sector and had fifteen calendar year of encounter as a mind of the Forte resort group in Dubai simply. After become a member of with the Lawless, Al Maktoum experienced begun to get started on others hotel tasks for the wide marketplace of Dubai such as for example Jumeirah Beach Hotel. As well as the hotels and restaurants, Maktoum developed Water Recreation area and theme park likewise (Corporate Responsibility Report 2008).


The company’s eyesight is to become a top notch luxury international hotel operations company that focused on the industry leader in all the operational activities through the medium of the dedication to colleagues, consumers, stake holders, owners and organization partners (Jumeirah Guiding Ideas & Vision).

The company’s Hallmarks regarded as the reason why of their success in past times along with guidelines for future years. The Hallmarks are appears to reflects in design and style of inspiration and would remain in the key of operating philosophy combined with the new used philosophy of "Stay Different’. In Jumeirah traditions their guiding concepts plays a significant role which are said to be consider as foundation of the business enterprise and strength of their traditions (Jumeirah Guiding Principles & Eyesight). They are:

Integrity :Honesty and Sincerity

Teamwork: win-win attitude and mutual support

Recognition: Success are supported and recognized

Innovation: Implementation of different idea’s

Continuous Growth: Positive Environment

People Focus: Focus on individual as colleagues, business associates and customers.

Stay Different : provides specific experience to the customers (Jumeirah Guiding Principles & Vision)

Strategic Objective:

The Jumeirah group strategic aim is to fulfill their vision and mission through the commitment of solutions to learning and development. Through the business enterprise Management System the business is delivering advantages to the business enterprise partners, customers, colleagues, contemporary society and owners by developing mutually beneficial human relationships, listening and building loyalty. To be able to fulfill the company’s eyesight, the Jumeirah strategic methodology is summarized in the four major components. They are

Engaging stake holders as a way to understand their expectations to ensure that they could be fulfilled or expanded and value can be added.

Managing key elements of the social, environmental and economical elements like their risk, opportunity and their impacts.

Embedding responsible business procedures and standards in the business daily businesses and activities.

Reporting back to the stakeholder about the progress and production of the company.

With the execution of the over four key strategies the company is wanting to be growing and delivering services worldwide. The company is focusing on current strategy as a way to fulfill their how to write an essay about yourself: tips objective. The company’s current strategies inclusive of global expansion, Stay different, provide unique and various services, value to stake holders, provide you with high end and comfort to the customers and implementing the process of learning and invention (Jumeirah Guiding Principles & Eyesight).

Project Undertaken/ Completed:

The following will be the list of tasks which happen to be undertaken or completed beneath the Jumeirah group are:

S. no




Burj Al Arab


Dubai (Middle East)

Jumeirah Beach Hotel


Dubai (Middle East)

Madinath Jumeirah

Three Hotels

Dubai (Middle East)

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Hotel & buzzing bazaar

Dubai (Middle East)

Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

Hotel(opening summertime in 2012)

Dubai (Middle East)

Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Hotel, Spa, Buying boulevard, Club and Lounge

Dubai (Middle East)

Jumeirah Living World Trade

Centre Residence


Dubai (Middle East)

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers


Abu Dhabi (Middle East)

Jumeirah Messilah Beach

Hotel & Spa (opening springtime 2012)

Kuwait (Middle East)

Jumeirah Essex House


New York (America)

Jumeirah Carlton Tower

Spa, Club, Hotel & Resort

London( Europe)

Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel


London( Europe)

Jumeirah Frankfurt


Germany (Europe)

Jumeirah Port Soller

Hotel and Spa (starting spring 2012


Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel

Hotel (opening spring 2012)


Grosvenor House Apartments



Jumeirah Grand Resort Via Veneto



Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel


Shangai (Asia pacific)

Jumeirah Dhevanafushi

Island Resort

Maldives(Asia pacific)

Jumeirah Vittavel

Five star spouse and children deluxe resort

Maldives(Asia pacific)

Wild Wadi waterpark


Dubai (Middle East)



Middle East

Academy of Excellence


Dubai( Middle East)

(Jumeirah Accommodations & Resorts)

Analyzing Current Scenario of Hospitality Sector in the UAE:

During the past 10 years, the UAE offers witnessed with the fast growth and changes when it comes to socio-economic and demographic elements. The regions economy aren’t perceived as coal and oil exporter but also as major expenditure destinations due to growing hospitality and tourism sector and large scale infrastructure projects. Concurrently, the expansion of the center East is greatly contributing in the tourism receipt in the Gulf Council Corporation countries. In current problem, the region remains an attractive vacation spot for tourists as well as for the investors for method to long term returns. The Jumeriah group features provided tremendous expansion in the hospitality sector in Dubai and globally also.

The study aims to evaluate a company’s resources and its competitive position on earth. This analysis will end up being undertaken by the following described process:

Value Chain Analysis

Michael Porter’s five power Model

SWOT Analysis


Competitive Strength Assessment

After examining on the earlier mentioned aspects, we will be able to determine competitive position on the globe as well as would be able to create a strategy in conditions of its position.

Value Chain Analysis:

The value chain methodology originated for creating and sustaining top-notch performance in the market. The value added concept is employed by Jumeirah Group for sustaining competitive advantage in the arena of 21st century. The business consists of activities that associate alongside one another as a way to enhance business benefit. These activities include inbound logistics, operations such as purchasing, manufacturing, funding, distribution etc. The central aim of Jumeirah Group to adopt this value chain methodology is exploiting benefit creation with minimum likely costs (Jumeirah Group, 2008).


By adopting the concept of value chain examination, Jumeirah managers identify the main element activities within their group and offer potential sustainable advantages to the company.

In Jumeirah Company, the value chain examination starts with the initial stage such as inbound logistics. At this time, planning is performed for plant scheduling, plant ability, estimate period for fulfilling objectives. After this stage the next thing is operations under which company emphasized on the quality of services, customer’s targets, fulfilling orders and client visit operations. The

main motif of Jumeirah Group is definitely to enhance and implement their primary services so so that can meet the customer’s anticipations and create confident and sustainable brand photograph in their eyes. The business even more emphasized on the creation of progressive programs, current approaches and their Study and Development programs to be able to support organization by facilitating latest openings and top quality services to their customers (Jumeirah Group, 2008).

Jumeirah Group incorporates value chain for synchronizing the move of business functions from type to the delivery of benefits given to the customers. This flow comprises of inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales functions and by the end gets feed back from consumers and resolve problems if you have any (Jumeirah Group, 2008).


Benchmarking is the procedure for analyzing the internal processes of organization and then identify and adapting the methods from other organization as a way to considered being very best for the business. This process comprises of five stages such as procedure, identification of assess, advancement of several alternatives, define that alternatives and by the end implementation of that alternatives. Benchmarking is the systematic application for identifying and implementing greatest practices in the organization so that it can enhance their businesses and human assets as per the today’s need to have. In this competitive arena for sustaining in industry, it really is mandatory to put into practice benchmarking in the business (Jumeirah Group, 2008).


Jumeirah Group has been designed this training for enlighten participation of company so that you can achieve outstanding effects. Jumeirah Group and different organizations such as Dubai Ports Community, Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, are aimed to explore very best methods and procedures for boosting Human Resource Administration in the view of planning, empowering, training and recognizing human work. Additionally it is aimed to recognize the gaps between your adopted methods and the enhancement of improvement plans to ensure that can analyze the consequences of adopted approach in the organization. This approach develops new concepts that acts significant function in the formation of future strategic strategies (Jumeirah Group, 2008).

Five Force Style and Analysis:

The Michael Porter’s five power Unit articulates the Competitive location modal which describes the industry analysis and business technique development for evaluating the competitive durability and position of any business group or Entity. This unit used to analyze the marketplace attractiveness of the market and competition. Porters develop the five force model to investigate to these five forces to analyze the commercial competition (porter’s five forces style, 2009).

Five force model of Porters-

Threat of latest competition.

Threat of substitute services or products.

Bargaining power of buyers (buyers).

Bargaining electricity of suppliers.

Intensity of competitive rivalry.

Threat of different competition:

This step articulates your competition available in the market, new entrants, brand collateral, sunk cost, buyer loyalty and professional profitability searching for the existing industry which may be challenging for the organization. Barriers to new entry-

Customer switching cost

Distribution channel

Government Policies

Economies of scales.

2. Threat of substitute products or services-

Entry of substitute product on the market may increase the opportunities to the switching towards the brand new product it might be challenging for the prevailing merchandise. Barriers of the substitute product or services-

Substitute product price and performance over the prevailing product.

Switching cost of buyer.

Quality depreciation

Product differentiation.

3. Bargaining ability of buyers:

Bargaining power of the customer may be challenging factor for the prevailing industry or company such as-

Purchasing power of the buyer.

Byers face fresh switching costs.

Prices sensitivity of client.

Buyers are concentrated

Industrial product diversity.

4. Bargaining power of suppliers:

Suppliers for any particular firm like materials of raw material, elements and labors can change the firms because of the bargaining power scubas-

Buyers is not the customer to the.

Distribution channels.

Supplier concentration

Supplier switching cost.

Supplier completion to the other firms.

Intensity of competitive rivalry-

Competitive rivalry could possibly be the challenging factor for the prevailing firm some factors are-

Different competitive strategies

Promotional tools

Competitive gain to the other sectors.

From the Porters five drive model we examine the Jumeirah group world class portfolio of resorts and accommodations (Corporate Responsibility Report 2008).

Threat of different competition- As we evaluate the rivals of the Jumeirah Group they are the rivals of the Jumeirah Group-

Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Fairmont Raffles Resorts International Inc.

Four months Holdings Inc.

Jumeirah Group gets the partnership with the UAE government, Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in colaboration with Tanmia (The National Human

Resource Development and Job Authority

2) Risk of substitute products or services-

Jumeirah Group has a strong product and services portfolio in the blissful luxury hospitality sector including top notch hotels and resorts.

In the hotels and resorts category the merchandise of Jumeirah-

Burj Al Arab

Jumeirah Beach Hotels

Jumeirah emirates tower

Jumeirah Zabeel Sara.y

Pera palace Hotel.

In the services sectors-

Includes of offerings of Jumeirah Living

Jumeirah Restaurants,

Wild Wadi Waterpark,

Talise and The Emirates Academy of Hospitality management.

Jumeirah group offers the very best services and performance over its rivals. They have brand loyalty and giving the qualitative services to its customers and Jumeirah group include different product ways of contend with the competitors

3) Bargaining electricity of customers (buyers)-

Jumeirah group’s customers can be categorized on the bases of countless categories- hotel guest, customers, bulk space purchaser, customer’s book room for happenings and conferences and partner such as tour operators and airlines.

Jumeirah Group has good commitment towards its buyer. Customer value responses for the Jumeirah group is-

Personalized product or service delivering high quality.

Favorable impact on the city.

Group offers the customer health, security and safety services.

Customer privacy and info security service.

Customer satisfaction consequence of the Jumeirah group can be for the year 2008 is definitely 81.265 which show the client loyalty to the group over its rivals.

4) Bargaining vitality of suppliers-

As we evaluate the supplier chain of the Jumeirah group has solid corporate buying policies with its supplier’s provision of high quality and good services and products. The Group comes after the principles-

Stability in the dealings with the suppliers

Provide equal and same possibilities to the all suppliers

Consistent delivery of products and services such as health, safeness and legal aspects.

Transparency in the machine.

Best distribution channels such as for example advertising because of its services offering.

Intensity of competitive rivalry-

Jumeirah Group has the various competitive tactics over its competitors.

They promote their product or service by different promotional equipment such as by advertising, Sales advertising and by the various occasion.

SWOT Analysis:

Dubai is the fast emerging participant in the worldwide along with the China and South East Asia. Dubai attracts the attention of business and companies across the world through its infrastructural art and cosmopolitan culture. Combined with the real estates and economical sectors, petroleum and tourism, additionally it is known because of its exotic resort and hotels. Jumeirah Group is the primary player in the resort and resort industry (Jumeirah Group, 2008). This group has specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which are as follows:


The artwork of infrastructure with the surplus of worldwide convention centers added benefit to the Jumeirah Group.

The cosmopolitan customs in UAE gives rise to the Jumeirah Group in the hotel industry which becomes power of this group.

Crime rates are lower in UAE compared to the other nations which facilitate financial support and public support to the business.

Middle East is the epicenter of trade that consists of various regular businesses and corporations which gives hike to the resort and resort industry.

In Dubai, government has pro- active authorities that give aid to the business so that you can control situations instead of just giving an answer to it.

Jumeirah Group has been associated with other nations on earth wide.

Special travelling packages are the additional benefits to t he company. It includes several packages relating to each living standard so that easily could be reach.

Jumeirah Group is normally strategically placed in Dubai, which is normally positioned between Asia and European countries while it is also closure to the Africa consequently there can be probability that countless tourists can rushed below which motivates hotel sector.

This group performs for the enhancement of their human reference by adopting various tactics in order to update their approaches and equipment with the recent period.

The Jumeirah Group diversified itself into various sectors such as for example academics, normal water parks, spa, citizens etc which strengthen the company (Jumeirah Group, 2008).


In the year of 2010, Dubai is recognized as the expensive metropolis that lies at fifty-five positions in the set of most costly cities. These days it is becoming extremely high-priced in the conditions of travelling, hospitality, resorts etc. which might affects the economy and also businesses.

In the recent period Dubai has undergone in the bubble crash of serious estates because of the reason that there is a sudden drop in the expense being manufactured in the sector and due to the lack of investments the true estate sector crashed. It influenced economy and still it really is on recovery mode.

In the Middle East, the level of crime is low in spite of that it had been noticed that there can be an increase in sex and medication crimes and which acquired huge mass media publicity which influence the resort industry.

In Jumeirah

Group, employees will work belongs to various nations that have there own culture quite often this distinctions in culture impacts the working of firm (Jumeirah Group, 2008).


Prospective monetary development opportunities due to increase in prices of essential oil, this economic development brings about contribute remarkable benefits to the hospitality business.

Further growth prospects in the tourism market of UAE with 15 million foreign tourist tourists expected up to the entire year 2015 proves to be very helpful in the tourism organization of Jumeirah group.

Dubai is recognized as the business and tourism hub of UAE and Middle East, it has high business growth prospects including geo political chances from the west and emerging authority from the east and ultimately helpful in providing great business opportunities to the Jumeriah group.

Initiatives considered by UAE authorities towards the expansion of hospitality sector gives ample amount of options to the Jumeirah group.

Unique experience present by the Jumeriah group in the type of ethnic heritage services pertaining to the hospitality causes improve the number of potential clients.

UAE is the business hub of Middle East and therefore various business travelers are prospective buyers for the Jumeriah group.

Various promotional schemes supplied to the customers facilitates in the boosting of organization of Jumeriah hotels.

Enhanced brand picture and brand collateral for the augmented top quality service deliverance to the clients helps in the additional growth and expansion of the business enterprise of Jumeriah group.

Jumeriah group offers a wide selection of cuisines like the Arab cuisines, Indo Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mughlai cuisines etc. to its customers which helps in increasing the profitability of the group.

The augmented exteriors and interiors of the hotel compared to the competitors delight the clients and appeal to them to have the services of Jumeriah group over and over.

Delivering the world class hospitality solutions at the affordable fee helps in increasing the quantity of local as well as foreign consumers of the Jumeriah group (Jumeirah Group, 2008).


The development of the many other affordable and stirring competitive locations like Muscat, Kuwait City and Doha puts main barriers in the advancement of Jumeirah Group.

Prague and Istanbul will be the cities which offer effective cultural tourism combined with the fabulous modern services at the best possible price and therefore attract most of the business enterprise tourists globally.

Due to political turbulence the business pertaining to the tourism and resorts affected a lot in a few parts of UAE and ultimately influences the Jumeriah group in the region.

Lack of proficient training and development to the human reference in the hotel sector act as a major barrier in the quality provider deliverance of the group.

Customer tastes and tastes and market trends regarding the hospitality industry changes dynamically and therefore there is problems in the implementation of the latest trends frequently due to the limitation of cost and time.

Increase in the number of guest houses act as hindrance in the creation of hotel business.

Various economical range hotels which supply the services at the least expensive rate are the significant barriers in the developmental path of Jumeriah group (Jumeirah Group, 2008).

Competitiveness of Jumeirah’s Prices Strategy:

Jumeriah provides a variety of products and services in the hospitality organization which encompasses a wide array of activities for the customers inclusive of diving and photography. With regards to the prices of the hospitality companies, Jumeirah ensures that the prices are taken care of at competitive levels commensurate with the current market standards for prices of hospitality services. Then exact pricing of the resorts and resorts have not been disclosed by the organization but from the reports obtainable, it can be deduced that Jumeriah provides competitive pricing technique for its services (Course Prices).

The pricing of the various courses offered by the business are described as follows:

Certification Courses


e-Scuba Diver


e-Open Water Diver


e-Open Water Referral


e-Rescue Diver


Emergency First Response


Experience Programs


Discover Scuba Diving Beach


Scuba Assessment (inc two o/w dives)


Scuba Review Pool Only


Bubble Maker (ages 8+)


Seal Team (ages 8+)


Master Seal Speciality Dives


Instructor Development Courses


Dive master


Assistant Instructor


e-Open Water Scuba Instructor




IDC Staff Instructor


Master Scuba Diver Trainer MSDT


Emergency First of all Response Instructor**


Speciality Courses


Wreck Diver


e-Enrich Air Nitrox


Deep Diver


Peak Performance Buoyancy


Search and Recovery Diver


National Geographic Diver


Underwater Navigator


Digital Photographer


Oxygen Provider Courses


Night Diver


Musandam Courses


e-Open Water Courses


e-Adventure in Diving


Source: (Course Pricing)

These prices are in accordance with the industry standard for the pricing of these services which is usually indicative of the competitiveness of the pricing strategy of the organization. In terms of the costs incurred by the business in obtaining raw material and resources for his or her business units, they could source certain requirements at competitive prices. Furthermore they have undertaken work to minimize their operational costs by adopting green methods and this has enabled them to keep up their prices at adequate competitive levels (Course Pricing).

Competitive Strength and Leverage of Jumeirah Group compared to its Rivals:

Jumeirah is confronted with adequate competition in the hospitality industry from major organizations that have provided competition on a global scale also. The main opponents of Jumeirah group happen to be:

Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Fairmont Raffles Resorts International Inc. (Corporate Responsibility Report 2008)

Four Seasons Holdings Inc. (Corporate Responsibility Report 2008)

Jumeirah is able to manage the competition in the market adequately which has been permitted because of the continuous adaptation of the business to the environmental changes and the incorporation of the technological advancements to supply a comprehensive group of services aimed entirely at achieving consumer satisfaction. Jumeirah Group is usually credited with having probably the most complex and biggest assignments in the hospitality industry which itself speaks about the high quality standards that the organization has guaranteed in these services (Corporate Responsibility Report 2008).

The organization also offers its projects in the us, Europe and Asia Pacific. In these regions also, the company has the capacity to successfully manage the competition by providing a variety of consumer oriented providers are competitive pricing. One of the key strategies of the business has been to constantly upgrade themselves with regards to specialized infrastructure and the aesthetic ambience in the features. It is this feature which includes provided Jumeriah with a significant leverage even in the foreign hospitality industry (Corporate Responsibility Report 2008).

The company has started out pondering over the probability of entering conservative overseas markets such as China because they have highly prospective business opportunities. Moreover their advanced technological infrastructural knowledge has allowed them to compete successfully even in new market segments and their portfolio of globally acclaimed assignments has allowed the creation of a solid brand image through which the organization can effectively reach out to the target client segments (Corporate Responsibility Report 2008).

Strategic Issues and Problems in the Achievement of Strategic Objectives:

The achievement of strategic goals is a challenging task and is easily damaged by the presence of environmental changes. This is further complicated when the business seeks to attempt global growth and is faced by uncertainties arising in the foreign markets. A number of the major challenges and concerns which may be witnessed for the company’s strategy are as follows:

Due to the existence of diversity in the workforce in the international regions, it becomes difficult to communicate the technique in a powerful manner which might arise due to communication and cultural barriers.

Jumeirah being a Middle Eastern firm follows the Shariah laws in its business actions and getting staff from different cultures to understand and adopt the Shariah law can be challenging. There exists a possibility that non-Islamic workers may fail to comply with the workplace regulations. This can significantly affect the potency of the execution of the strategy in these locations.

The constant developments staying witnessed in technology and practices require the organization to adapt to the changes frequently, which subsequently requires the strategies to be evolved along with sufficient training being furnished to the employees for allowing them to implement the alterations effectively.


Jumeirah group is not only restricted to the management of accommodations and resorts but also contains of solutions of Jumeirah Living, Jumeirah Restaurants, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Talise and The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Control. After analyzing on all of the above aspects we can conclude that the Jumeirah group is normally on strong financial and competitive location in the resorts and hospitality sector. It has got a highly effective strategic concept that permit it to face all the competitive challenges and able to manage its strategic objective with regards to the eyesight and Hallmark of the business. Consequently, Jumeriah group is top rated and fastest growing company in the hospitality industry having strong footprint in the Middle East.


In order to help make the strategies of Jumeriah highly effective, the following aspects ought to be incorporated:

Adequate degree of versatility ought to be provided to the strategy by way of which it may adapt different markets conveniently.

The company should make certain that the strategy is constantly reviewed and modified according to the environmental changes and duly communicated to the personnel for ensuring its powerful implementation in the business processes.

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